Episode 1-1: Palms of Glory

Episode 1-2: Forty Rifles

Episode 1-3: Boots With My Father's Name

Episode 1-4: Young Marauders

Episode 1-5: The Odyssey of Jubal Tanner

Episode 1-6: Heritage

Episode 1-7: Winner Lose All

Episode 1-8: My Son, My Son

Episode 1-9: Earthquake!

Episode 1-10: The Murdered Party

Episode 1-11: The Way to Kill a Killer

Episode 1-12: Night of the Wolf

Episode 1-13: The Guilt of Matt Bentell

Episode 1-14: The Brawlers

Episode 1-15: Judgment in Heaven

Episode 1-16: The Invaders

Episode 1-17: By Fires Unseen

Episode 1-18: A Time to Kill

Episode 1-19: Teacher of Outlaws

Episode 1-20: Under a Dark Star

Episode 1-21: Barbary Red

Episode 1-22: The Death Merchant

Episode 1-23: The Fallen Hawk

Episode 1-24: Hazard

Episode 1-25: Into the Widow's Web

Episode 1-26: By Force and Violence

Episode 1-27: The River Monarch

Episode 1-28: The Midas Man

Episode 1-29: Tunnel of Gold

Episode 1-30: Last Train to the Fair